Based on the legends of the Hindu scripture Mahabharata, Shakuntala (Neha Mehta) is a fairytale about the titular character who grows up in the Rishi Kanva’s ashram. In the blink of an eye, Shakuntala turned into a delightful and curious young woman.

Her guardian, Rishi Kanva, knew that Shakuntala was destined to change the course of history and wanted to protect her from getting hurt. However, he could not divert the course of love from reaching her, and Shakuntala fell in love with soon-to-be-King, Kuru Rajkumar Dushyanta (Gautam Mehta). The circumstances separated the lovers, leaving the protagonist expecting a child, whom she named Bharata. It was the engagement ring given to Shakuntala by Dushyant that reunited the two lovers and made Bharata the rightful heir to the throne of Kuru Empire..

February 2, 2009
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